Laura Behrens

ÖMG Diploma 6-12, AMI 12-18, Houseparent, Program Director,

Parent of 4 Montessori kids

Joerg Eckarth

Photographer, Actor,

Initiator and Impulse Generator, parent of 3 Montessori sons

Claire Steinmeyer

Diploma in Mathamatics, Montessori educated, Teacher for Sciences, English, French, Czech

Claudia-Sue Eisenhofer

AMI 3-6, ÖMG Diploma 6-12, Administrator, Guide for Microeconomy, English,

parent of 3 Montessori kids

We definitely believe, that our Montessori School Farm offers a unique opportunity for 12 to 18 year old adolascents to follow there individual developmental needs in an land-based community.

The Erdkinder concept corresponds to our deepest belief and conviction that pledge us as pedagoges, experts and adults to create a framework of security, of giving the adolescents the ability to comprehend society and of realizing their own wealth as breeding ground for a powerfull, sustainable and thourough education.

The Montessori School Farm reflects the colourfull variety of men hence they release a crucial pulse to a better society. We advocate that the adolsecents distinguish their valuable potentials and feel the connection nessecary to be equiped for global challenges.