Education and Peace

I just talked to a Montessori friend about our work's goal. Is it about helping the adolescents to pass an exam, to be prepared for the professional world? Are there more important issues to our work as educators?

How can we apply the principles of peace to our communities?

How do we define peace and universal understanding between humans and humans and their environment?

World Peace is not the absence of war, but it is about communication and listening to one another - free communication between people.

We find inner peace by working for world peace, through finding a purpose in our life. We have to be aware and confident and centered in our beliefs. 

I believe that education can change the world for the better. We are - as Montessori guides - advocates for peace. The children themselves represent a "bright new hope for mankind". I feel tht the work we do as educators, guiding hildren and adolescents toward self reliance, compassion and engagement, is incredible imporatant in the grand scheme of future life on Earth. How our children are treated as babies, children and adolescents is going to impact our entire civilisation when they are all grown up and making decisions that effect others. We should be humbled by the great possibilities that exist within the tiniest of humans, and we should respect their inner wisdom and follow them.

So what do you think? Is it really about preparation to pass exams?

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